StokedPlastics: Giving Plastic Bottles a Second Life

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KnowESG_StokedPlastics is Giving Plastic Bottles a Second Life
Image courtesy of Opolis Optics

American company StokedPlastics is teaming up with Opolis Optics, a leader in sustainable eyewear, to create eco-friendly glasses!

Opolis uses StokedPlastics' innovative material for their frames, cleaning cloths, and even pouches – each pair containing the equivalent of ten recycled water bottles.

This is not your average recycled plastic, though. StokedPlastics' formula packs a punch, incorporating over 25% recycled plastic by weight. That is a huge leap compared to the usual 2-3% used in traditional methods. Their secret? Partnering with recycling facilities across Indonesia and Asia to collect discarded water bottles, giving them a new lease on life.

But it is not just about quantity. StokedPlastics' recycled plastic is also strong, flexible, and eco-friendly, making it a great alternative to traditional plastics. Plus, it fits into existing manufacturing processes and is priced competitively with other recycled materials, encouraging wider adoption.

StokedPlastics is not stopping at sunglasses! They are developing a range of eco-conscious products, from adventure gear to high-end goods. Their founder, James Merrill, puts it simply: "If we’re going to actually make an environmental dent, then we must hold ourselves to a higher standard. For us, that’s continuing to research and drive progress towards incorporating 100% recycled water bottle content into every product.”

This is a story of turning trash into treasure, and StokedPlastics is leading the charge. By giving plastic bottles a second life, they are helping to clean our oceans and landfills, one product at a time.

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