Skellefteå Airport Chooses Sustainable Fuel with SAS

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Skellefteå City Airport has taken a significant step by becoming the first individual airport in Sweden to join the SAS Corporate Sustainability Programme.

As part of this initiative, the airport commits to using environmentally friendly aviation fuel exclusively for all its business trips in collaboration with SAS throughout the 2023/2024 period.

The primary focus of emission reduction in the aviation sector lies in the transition from fossil fuels, such as kerosene, to sustainable aviation fuels (SAF).

The SAS Corporate Sustainability Programme aims to respond to the growing demand from customers for sustainable aviation fuels, contributing to a reduction in the climate impact of both air travel and air freight.

Robert Lindberg, CEO of Skellefteå City Airport, emphasises the airport's active involvement in the aviation industry's climate transition.

Lindberg said the commitment to flying fossil-free during business trips, stating that by opting for 100 per cent biofuel on all SAS flights in 2023-2024, they effectively replace all fossil aviation fuel with sustainable alternatives. Lindberg sees this move as a demonstration of how easily a company can contribute to and be a part of Sweden's green transition.

Ann-Sofie Hörlin, Head of Sustainability at SAS, highlights the collaborative aspect of the initiative, aiming to engage customers in the effort to reduce fossil CO2 emissions and stimulate larger-scale production of sustainable aviation fuels.

The partnership between Skellefteå City Airport and SAS, according to Hörlin, serves as an inspiration for other companies to join the Corporate Sustainability Programme, contributing to the ongoing transformation of aviation towards greater sustainability. Earlier this year, Skellefteå Municipality became part of the programme, showcasing the city's leading role in actively driving the shift towards more sustainable aviation practices.

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Source: SAS


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