SK Innovation Advances as a World Leader in Green Energy Through Innovation

Published on: 30 August 2022
by KnowESG
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According to an analysis, SK Innovation has risen from a South Korean oil refinery to a global leader in green energy through innovations dubbed 'Big Picture' and 'Deep Change'.

The Academy of Entrepreneurship hosted a symposium on the theme of SK Innovation's 60-year inventive growth narrative at the SK Seorin office building in Jongno-gu, Seoul.

As a Green Energy & Materials Company today, The Academy of Entrepreneurship splits the innovative growth points that made SK innovation into two categories, 'Big Picture' and 'Deep Change', and selects 10 relevant innovation themes and researches and analyses the outcomes.

The Academy of Entrepreneurship examined how Yugong, a small South Korean oil refining company, grew into SK Innovation, a comprehensive energy company.

The Academy of Entrepreneurship then examined how Chairman Chey Tae-won developed SK Innovation into a worldwide green energy company that is leading the ESG age through deep change with the purpose of long-term growth.

SK Innovation highlighted that by focusing on ESG management, it established the groundwork for expansion into a global green energy firm centred on electrification and circular economy while broadening its portfolio of non-refining products such as batteries and materials.

SK Innovation's value creation centre head, Im Soo-gil, said: 

"SK Innovation has received an objective evaluation and recognition from the outside that it has continued to grow and develop through innovation. In the next 60 years, we will actively pursue future growth by developing an eco-friendly portfolio based on differentiated technology based on constant innovation.”

Source: Korea IT Times

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