Simon-Kucher Leads in Sustainable Business Travel

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Simon-Kucher is getting noticed for its efforts to cut down on business travel emissions and be more transparent about it.

They earned a B rating in the 2024 Travel Smart Ranking, which goes from A to D. This is an improvement from last year and reflects their ambitious goal of reducing business travel by 25% by 2030.

The Travel Smart Ranking evaluates how companies around the world are doing in terms of reducing air travel for business. They consider a company's commitment, emissions, and reporting practices. Out of 328 companies, only 57 have set specific targets to cut back on business travel emissions. Simon-Kucher stands out because they are clearly dedicated to this issue - they are in the top 20% of companies ranked!

This recognition builds on their earlier achievement as a leader in the "Rail First" assessment, showing their commitment to switching to rail travel whenever possible.

Anne Rupp, who heads up ESG (environmental, social, and governance) at Simon-Kucher, acknowledges the challenge of balancing client service with environmental responsibility, especially in a consulting firm where travel is often necessary.

She says, "Simon-Kucher is constantly making efforts to ensure that we are on the right path to reducing travel emissions. Our commitment to disclose and cut travel emissions, plus our SBTi commitment, demonstrates our dedication to climate action. We strongly believe that the shift from air to rail travel and investment in new technologies are the key to reducing emissions."

You can find out more about Simon-Kucher's sustainability efforts on the SBTi website. To learn more about the Travel Smart Ranking methodology and see the full list of rankings, check out their website.

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