Siemon Joins UN Global Compact for Sustainability

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Siemon, a prominent leader in high-performance network infrastructure solutions, proudly announces its membership in the United Nations Global Compact (UNGC) initiative, further reinforcing its dedication to ethical business practices.

With over 15,000 corporate participants and 3,800 non-business signatories across 160 countries, the UNGC stands as the world's largest corporate sustainability endeavour.

Expressing his enthusiasm for this significant stride for the organisation, John Siemon, Siemon's CTO/COO, remarked, "Our participation in the UNGC signifies a pivotal step towards elevating our commitment to responsible business practices. The UNGC's Ten Principles furnish us with a well-defined framework to amplify our positive influence on the world. We eagerly anticipate collaboration with fellow companies and the UN to foster a more sustainable future."

The UN Global Compact encourages global enterprises to harmonise their strategies and operations with ten universally endorsed principles covering human rights, labour, environmental stewardship, and anti-corruption measures. By engaging with the UNGC, Siemon will proactively track and report on its advancement in adopting these principles.

Siemon boasts a rich history of championing Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) and Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) initiatives, underpinned by an unwavering commitment to its core values.

In its unwavering commitment to creating a sustainable future on a global scale, Siemon commits to upholding the following principles through its policies, procedures, and undertakings:

  • Mitigating carbon footprint, minimising waste, eradicating pollution, and championing biodiversity.

  • Designing, manufacturing, and delivering products that prioritise safety while nurturing knowledge exchange and responsiveness.

  • Demonstrating environmental stewardship and accountability through Siemon's Green initiatives.

Siemon's manufacturing practices champion energy and material efficiency, fully aligned with the ISO: 14001 Environmental Management Systems international standard.

This is achieved through streamlined processes, lean manufacturing, and sustainable product design. Siemon's products are meticulously engineered to curtail material consumption and are designed for disassembly to facilitate material recovery.

Moreover, the packaging is thoughtfully designed to curtail materials and encourage recyclability. Customers have the option to return end-of-life products and packaging to Siemon for recycling.

Efficient transport and logistics are realised through regional distribution centres and strategic partnerships with authorised distribution collaborators.

Siemon actively promotes energy-efficient transportation modes, advocating for consolidated container shipments via sea or rail and incentivising fuel efficiency as well as the utilisation of hybrid and electric vehicles among its workforce.

John Siemon emphasised the paramount importance of responsible business practices, stating, "We firmly believe that responsible business practices founded on accountability and transparency are indispensable for shaping a superior future.

"Through our business endeavours, we remain dedicated to leaving a positive imprint on the world, and we hold firm in our conviction that our participation in the UNGC, complemented by our adherence to the RBA Code of Conduct and Science Based Target initiative, will propel us towards realising this objective."

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