SCA and Scania Collaborate on Electric Timber Trucks Development

Published on: 26 July 2022
by KnowESG

Together with Scania, SCA has created the world's first 80-metric-ton electric lumber truck. SCA's mission is to eliminate fossil fuels from the entire value chain.

The truck intends to transport lumber along the route between SCA's timber terminal at Gimonas and the paper mill in Obbola, Sweden, outside Ume. The total weight of the new electric lumber truck is 64 metric tonnes on public highways and 80 metric tonnes on private routes.

The paper mill at SCA Obbola has a virtually fossil-free production process, and the new vehicle will reduce the fossil fuel components in the raw material supply chain.

During the summer, the electric lumber truck will be tested and regularly researched by the Skogforsk research institution to collect data that can be used to compare it to conventional diesel-powered timber transports. After that, it will be included in SCA's regular operations.

“Sustainability and reduced carbon dioxide emissions are important for society as a whole, which means that business is also dependent on us driving development. Our forests and forest products have created enormous climate benefits for a long time, and our industries are very climate-efficient, which is why it is also obvious with high climate ambitions for our transport,” says Hans Djurberg.

The tests conducted during the summer will, among other things, compare the energy consumption, productivity, and costs of electric wood trucks to those of existing vehicles and sketch out the requirements for a nationwide rollout of electric timber trucks.

Numerous businesses choose to obtain wood from sustainable sources. Kraft Heinz is collaborating with Pulpex to produce a paper-based, renewable, and recyclable bottle made entirely from wood pulp derived from sustainable sources. Heinz is the first sauce brand to evaluate the viability of sustainable paper bottle packaging from Pulpex for its assortment of sauces.

IKEA manufactures furniture using wood collected from nations with rainforests. It says that "sustainability begins at home," and IKEA's brand and goal are consistent with this philosophy. Thus, its furniture is lighter, more compact, and designed to fit into smaller dwellings.

Source: Environmental Leader

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