SATO Launches New Sustainability Programme Led by Sustainable Housing and Community Well-Being

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SATO, one of Finland's leading rental housing providers, has announced the launch of its new Sustainability Programme for 2023-2026. The programme focuses on sustainable housing, community well-being, and sustainable profitability.

SATO is one of Finland's leading rental housing providers, with over 25,000 rental homes occupied by around 50,000 residents. SATO's new Sustainability Programme is built on three pillars: environmental, social, and economic sustainability, as well as sustainable governance.

Susanna Kari Gonzaléz, Sustainability Manager at SATO, said: 

"Last year, we made sustainability one of the three cornerstones of our strategy. Sustainability is a key component in our long-term value generation for our various stakeholders. It is about concrete actions that can be seen in everything we do. We aim to be a forerunner in sustainable rental housing."

SATO's sustainable operating principles establish the groundwork for long-term, profitable business operations that allow the company to contribute to sustainability efforts and create residential environments that enhance residents' well-being.

“Together with our customers, we create enjoyable residential environments that promote wellbeing, and we strive to provide meaningful housing. We desire to promote diversity and seek to reduce inequality in society,” Kari Gonzaléz says.

SATO's climate impacts come from energy use throughout the residential use phase, as well as home construction and repair. In terms of in-use energy usage, SATO will be carbon neutral by 2030. Climate change mitigation and adaptation are crucial to SATO's sustainability work.

“We acquire and develop rental homes in growth centres close to good transport connections and amenities with an eye to long-term holding. We improve the energy efficiency of our homes and increase the share of emission-free energy in total consumption. In modernisations, for example, our goal is to achieve an improvement of around 30% in energy efficiency. Our aim for newbuild projects is energy class A,” says Markku Honkasalo, CFO. 

SATO's Sustainability Programme was developed with the help of stakeholders such as customers, employees, and partners. The programme, which covers targets and actions for 2023-2026, is based on an analysis of the most significant sustainability elements conducted in collaboration with stakeholders. The Sustainability Programme and its aims will guide everyday decision-making and longer-term development activities.

Source: SATO

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