SATA Group Doubles Down on Sustainability in 2023

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The SATA Group enthusiastically participated in Portugal's inaugural National Sustainability Day, which took place on September 25.

The event showcased over thirty impactful projects carried out between 2022 and 2023 to enhance the Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) metrics of the three group companies.

Among these endeavours, the SATA Group's airlines, namely SATA Air Açores and Azores Airlines, achieved notable milestones. They became the pioneering Portuguese airlines to secure the prestigious IEnvA Certification through IATA's Environmental Programme.

This recognition was further augmented by two additional certifications obtained in 2023. The first was the Illegal Wildlife Trade (IWT) Certificate, aimed at combating the illicit wildlife trade. The second, a more recent accomplishment, was the certification of the Quality of the SATA ICOP Programme. This voluntary initiative allowed over eight thousand passengers to contribute to carbon emission compensation.

In the realm of corporate social responsibility, the SATA Group spearheaded twelve internal projects designed to benefit both employees and the community at large. These initiatives encompassed charitable campaigns and collaborative Clean Coast efforts alongside local partners. Internally, the companies initiated the SATA Saudável programme, which focused on promoting mental health and physical well-being through prevention and intervention measures.

Concerning ESG management indicators and alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Objectives, the SATA Group successfully executed eight fundamental projects. These included participation in the IATA 25by25 programme, a commitment to gender equality and equal opportunities for all employees, and comprehensive revisions of corporate policies within the organisation.

During the reporting period, the SATA Group endorsed a multitude of policies underpinning ethical governance. These policies addressed a wide array of crucial areas, such as sustainability, human rights, data protection, privacy, anti-corruption procedures, risk management, information security, health, environment, diversity, inclusion, equality, non-discrimination, harassment prevention, alcohol and substance consumption, operational safety, and safety culture.

Additionally, the group formulated internal Codes of Ethics and Conduct for suppliers, aligning its management principles more closely with the UN's Sustainable Development Goals and fostering ongoing sustainable development in the regions where SATA Airlines operate.

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Source: SATA Group


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