Samsung Gets LCA Verified on Product Carbon Footprint

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Samsung Electronics has announced that it has completed a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) on the carbon footprint of its semiconductor business and received verification from DNV, a leading independent certification body.

LCA is a method for figuring out how a product, process, or service affects the environment over its entire life cycle. It involves quantifying the amount of energy, materials, and waste discharge associated with each stage of a product's life, from raw material extraction to production, use, and disposal.

Samsung's LCA on its semiconductor products covers all these stages, including raw material extraction, chip manufacturing, assembling, and testing. The LCA was done according to ISO 14040, ISO 14044, and ISO 14067 international standards to ensure it was credible and open.

The carbon footprint of a product, service, or organisation is a metric that measures the total amount of greenhouse gas emissions that come from it. It is often used to understand how a product or service affects the environment and to track and cut carbon emissions.

In the case of Samsung's semiconductor products, the carbon footprint would include emissions from all stages of the product's life cycle, including raw material extraction, manufacturing, assembly, use, and disposal. By measuring and reporting on the carbon footprint of its semiconductor products, Samsung and its customers can better understand the environmental impact of these products and take steps to reduce it.

“Since 2019, we have been actively mobilising efforts to measure and reduce the carbon emissions of our key memory and logic solutions,” said Dooguen Song, Executive Vice President of the Environment, Health and Safety (EHS) Center at Samsung Electronics. “By leveraging LCA, we will be able to support our customers in achieving their carbon neutrality, as well as becoming more transparent on the environmental impact of the semiconductors we produce worldwide.”

“As a global expert in energy and environmental certification, DNV is pleased to have partnered with and to congratulate Samsung on successfully establishing its reliable LCA,” said JangSup Lee, CEO of DNV Business Assurance Korea. “Together with global business leaders like Samsung, we will continue to take part in creating a more sustainable environment in the future.”

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