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Samsara Inc., known for its innovative Connected Operations™ Cloud, has announced the launch of its Sustainable Fleet Management solution.

This enhanced offering builds upon Samsara's existing fuel efficiency and electric vehicle (EV) solutions, providing customers with data-driven insights to drive emission reduction, accelerate electrification efforts, and achieve sustainability objectives.

Globally, policymakers are implementing initiatives for zero-emission vehicles and emissions reduction, which have a direct impact on commercial fleets in various industries. Moreover, rising fuel costs and increasing social and investor pressure for sustainable operations are prompting leaders to track and report progress towards these goals and, in some cases, expedite fleet electrification.

Successfully navigating this intricate transition demands long-term planning, foresight, and informed decisions based on data. Furthermore, each organisation will face unique challenges depending on its size and business objectives.

"Electric vehicles can substantially mitigate the environmental impact of transportation, considering that transportation is a major contributor to global greenhouse gas emissions," said Tim Campbell, Managing Director and Commercial Vehicle Decarbonisation Consultant at Campbells Consultancy. "With the appropriate technological infrastructure, it is feasible to achieve this without jeopardising the integrity of your supply chain. Although commercial fleet electrification has not yet reached a tipping point, it is crucial to be prepared for this operational transition, given the escalating regulatory incentives and reporting mandates."

Samsara's Sustainable Fleet Management solution is designed to assist customers at every stage of their sustainability journey. The solution introduces new and enhanced features, including:

Fuel & Energy Hub: This dashboard serves as a comprehensive resource for fleets with mixed fuel types, such as Internal Combustion Engine (ICE), electric vehicles (EVs), and hybrids. It provides visualisations of fleet performance, actionable insights on fuel economy, cost, and consumption, empowering operations leaders to make informed decisions to support sustainability goals. Fuel & Energy Hub is currently available in open beta.

Sustainability Report: This feature allows customers to monitor fleet emissions and track performance across different sites and vehicles, identifying areas for improvement. It also offers insights into current and projected fleet emissions over time, enabling customers to set accurate targets and measure progress towards sustainability objectives. Sustainability Report is currently available in open beta.

Charge Control: This feature addresses driver range anxiety by managing real-time EV charging at scale and identifying charging issues. Customers can create customised charging profiles for groups or individual vehicles and receive notifications for any irregularities. Charge Control will be available in open beta during the summer.

EV Suitability Report: This report provides customers with a tailored list of ICE vehicles in their fleet that are suitable for transition to EVs. Building upon Samsara's existing Fleet Electrification Report, this new feature now includes assessment for all vehicle types and allows customers to configure electrification criteria for advanced recommendations. EV Suitability Report is now generally available.

Samsara's customers can now use the newly introduced features in conjunction with the platform's existing reports, such as Fuel & Energy Report, Driver Efficiency Report, Idling Events Report, Fleet Benchmarks Report, and more. These features are designed to help organisations achieve their sustainability goals and track progress towards reducing carbon emissions.

M Group Services, for example, is using Samsara's solution to work towards its target of reducing direct carbon emissions by 50% by 2030 and achieving net zero emissions before 2050. The data and tools provided by Samsara enable them to shift to more eco-friendly energy sources and empower their drivers to be more aware of their environmental impact.

Samsara has also released an annual Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) report titled "Building a Safer and More Sustainable World," which details the company's progress and commitment to ESG principles, such as transparency, data-driven solutions and empowering people and communities.

According to Jeff Hausman, Chief Product Officer at Samsara, organisations need a simple way to analyse data points across their operations to accurately assess their ESG momentum. Samsara's Sustainable Fleet Management solution provides insights on fuel economy, vehicle utilisation, and emissions, helping customers understand areas for improvement and take action.

The Sustainable Fleet Management solution is now available to customers in North America and Europe. For more information, visit

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