Sahara Group Unveils Sustainable Future Plan

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Sahara Group, a prominent energy and infrastructure conglomerate, has announced its dedication to transitioning into a net-zero business entity by 2060.

The commitment is part of Sahara Group's strategic alignment towards greener and cleaner energy solutions, as highlighted in its 2022 sustainability report titled "Energising Innovative Solutions for Sustainable Development."

Ejiro Gray, Director of Governance and Sustainability at Sahara Group, emphasised the initiation of an Energy Transition Plan that delineates a comprehensive framework for short- to long-term actions aimed at reducing the company's operational carbon footprint.

Gray expressed Sahara Group's ambitious goal to become a net-zero business entity by 2060 and outlined plans to launch projects providing evidence-based insights for mitigating emissions and enhancing operational efficiency.

Acknowledging its significant role in powering economic growth globally, Sahara Group aims to implement the Energy Transition Plan across its operations in upstream, midstream, downstream, power, and infrastructure sectors across 42 countries in Africa, Asia, Europe, and the Middle East.

Gray underscored the importance of the net-zero plan to Sahara Group's business sustainability and its contribution to a healthier, cleaner planet for future generations. The plan includes a comprehensive Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions audit covering the 2019-2021 period, establishing baseline data for emissions to analyse and track environmental impact transparently.

Sahara Group's 2022 sustainability report offers crucial insights into the environmental, social, and corporate governance impacts of its operations. It covers various businesses within the group, such as Asharami Energy (Upstream Operations), Sahara Trade (Midstream Operations), Asharami Synergy (Downstream Operations), and Power (Generation and Distribution), including Egbin Power, First Independent Power Limited (FIPL), and Ikeja Electric (IE). The report also features the Sahara Group Foundation, showcasing the group's commitment to social impact.

Gray expressed gratitude for overcoming challenges in 2022 and achieving noteworthy performance across economic, social, environmental, and governance indicators. The report adopts an integrated approach, consolidating disclosures across the group, and evaluates performance based on the sustainability pillars of Principles of Governance, Planet, People, and Prosperity, in adherence to Global Reporting Initiative (GRI) Standards.

Click here to access the full 2022 Sustainability Report.

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Source: Sahara Group


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