Renault Group employs LGBT+ Diversity Officers in its French plants

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To create an inclusive culture where employees can bring their passion, give their best, and flourish while being themselves. Renault Group deployed LGBT+ Diversity Officers in its French plants. Brice Camus, a We'R OutStandInG leader and quality supplier technician at the Choisy le Roi plant, explains the program's origins and functioning.

On 17 May 2021, International Day Against Homophobia, Transphobia, and Biphobia, Renault Group will rainbow-color its logos. A symbol of inclusion and anti-discrimination. Since 2020, a signatory of UN Free&Equal and L'Autre Cercle. Renault Group promotes diversity, integrity, equality, and a culture of respect. In line with its Purpose, the company just hired LGBT+ Diversity Officers in its French factories.

Brice Camus, a quality supplier technician at Choisy le Roi and We'R OutStandInG leader, created this network. He explains how this unique automotive system works.

Why create a network of LGBT+ diversity officers?

“In 2019, We'R OutStandInG asked me to join. I wondered what I could add. By learning from my past experiences being publicly humiliated for my sexual orientation, I wanted to help others in factories. Support them. Creating a network of identified officers allows employees to know where to turn, be listened to, and be directed to competent people who can help them solve problems."

What prompted this project?

"We proposed the project by explaining that LGBT+ diversity officers would be different from ethical officers and sexism fighters. To better combat discrimination, it's important not to generalize about these scourges. A privileged interlocutor is necessary. The project was presented to France HRD and France manufacturing."

How to become LGBT+ diversity officer?

"Motivated workers welcome!" The We'R OutStandInG network organizes 45-minute to 1-hour interviews to learn about LGBT+ diversity. We select the most relevant profiles with each site's HR."

Will this system be expanded?

"Yes. We started the system in factories where people were suffering. We have 15 officers in 11 locations*. During the system's presentation in the We're OutStandInG network, we noticed a demand at tertiary sites. Our strategy is to build a network of tertiary and commercial officers. "

ACI Villeurbanne, ACI Le Mans, STA Usine de Ruitz, Usine Alpine de Dieppe, Usine de Batilly, Usine de Cléon, Usine de Douai, Usine de Flins, Usine de Maubeuge, Usine de Sandouville, Usine de Choisy le Roi

We'R OutStandInG, Renault Group's LGBT+ inclusion network

The We'R OutStandInG network supports the inclusion of LGBT+ people in the company and the creation of a caring work environment. It brings together LGBT+ employees and non-LGBT+ employees allied to this cause.

We'R OutStandInG is a network of 225 members that helps employees be useful.

Aurélie Baudu, Guillaume Renard, and Valentin Chabert joined the network in 2021.

Source: Renault group newsroom

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