Reed & Mackay Upgrades Emissions Data for Clients

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Reed & Mackay, a London-based travel management company, has teamed up with Squake, a carbon emissions platform, to provide clients with improved sustainability services.

Through this deal, Reed & Mackay can compare the CO2 emissions and sustainability of different types of travel (air, rail, hotel, and car rental). Reed & Mackay will add Squake's carbon data to its online booking platform, approval engine, reporting suite, and consultant booking platform by using an API. This integration will enable travellers to make informed travel decisions by assessing the impact of their travel choices at the point of sale.

The information allows for comparison based on factors such as aircraft type, load factors, routing for flights, sustainability ratings for hotels, and fuel, engine, and car type for ground transport.

Travel managers can also use the policy engine to set their own specific CO2 parameters and restrictions. The company has moved away from using the DEFRA (Department for Environment, Food, and Rural Affairs) conversion for CO2 emissions, which was a generic average and did not allow for comparison between options.

Reed & Mackay’s CEO, Fred Stratford, said: “The introduction of Squake’s granular CO2 data into our booking platforms will allow our clients to further tailor their travel requirements to meet their sustainability goals and drive down their CO2 footprint.”

Squake offers several mitigation options for travel-related emissions, including buying carbon credits or contributing towards the purchase of sustainable aviation fuel.

Reed & Mackay has already joined the United Nations Global Compact scheme and has partnered with Neste, a supplier of sustainable aviation fuel. The company has set carbon reduction targets and aims to reach net-zero emissions by 2050 through the Science Based Targets initiative. Another travel company, ATG Travel Worldwide, has also announced it will be connecting to Squake's platform to provide carbon data to its clients.

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