pulsESGTM, Clayton Dubilier & Rice Announce Pilot Programme to Enhance ESG Reporting and Measurement

Published on: 31 August 2022
by KnowESG

Clayton, Dubilier & Rice (CD&R) has engaged pulsESGTM in a collaborative pilot programme to help portfolio companies make measurable ESG progress that can be validated and benchmarked by management and stakeholders.

Through the pilot programme, pulsESGTM will work to design, test, configure, and improve initiatives to manage vast amounts of ESG data, which is often unstructured and challenging to process, supporting portfolio company efforts to enable greater transparency, assurance, and value creation across stakeholders.

Murat Sönmez, pulsESGTM co-founder and CEO, said: 

"The pulsESGTM team is excited to provide an integrated, comprehensive, and flexible SaaS platform that will support the efforts of CD&R and its funds’ portfolio companies to define, capture, analyse, derive insight, and improve their ESG footprint. We are pleased to be working on this pilot programme with CD&R, which is well-recognised for its commitment to operational excellence.”

The pulsESGTM platform, led by tech veterans and co-founders Murat Sönmez and Inderjeet Singh, delivers auditable statistics that can be linked with customers' source and destination ESG systems. 

This level of information enables organisations to make better-informed ESG decisions by utilising a platform that also allows end-users to adjust it in response to changes in the ESG regulatory landscape and stakeholder needs.

Source: pulsESGTM

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