ProAmpac Introduces Eco-Friendly Sandwich Packaging

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Packaging expert ProAmpac has introduced a fibre-based Modified Atmosphere Packaging to the North American market that is specifically designed to extend the shelf life of cold sandwiches and wraps.

The packaging combines the benefits of modified atmosphere packaging with sustainable fibre materials and is claimed to keep a fresh sandwich or wrap preserved for up to 28 days. According to ProAmpac, the packaging, created by UK-based Rapid Action Packaging, sets a new standard for freshness and sustainability.

“The packaging solution represents a more sustainable alternative to conventional plastic sandwich packs while reducing food spoilage costs,” said Irma Randles, ProAmpac's market manager for Fresh Food To-Go.

The packaging combines a lightweight board with a thin film laminate and is suitable for gas flushing.

The board provides strength and a print surface for image and information; the film is a high barrier for sealing in freshness and extending shelf life, enhancing sales potential while minimising food waste.

“The RAP Sandwich Wedge boasts wide recyclability. Consumers can peel away the film liner, and the carton board is easily recycled in paper streams,” said Kevin Vyse, head of technical for ProAmpac.

The RAP MA Wedge packaging is 20% lighter than equivalent packaging, resulting in decreased production and shipping costs, and, as it is made from carton board and film laminate, it reduces the need for oil-based plastics.

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US-based ProAmpac is a global flexible packaging company with a comprehensive product offering. The company is owned by Pritzker Private Capital along with management and co-investors.

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