PPHE Hotel Joins Zero Carbon Forum to Build Net-Zero Approach

Published on: 11 July 2022
by KnowESG
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PPHE Hotel Group Ltd. announced that it joined the Zero Carbon Forum, marking a "major milestone" towards its goal of achieving net-zero status.

The forum helps the hospitality industry eliminate operational emissions by 2030 and achieve net-zero emissions across supply chains by 2040. PPHE is the most recent and second-largest hotel chain to join the forum.

"Zero Carbon Forum is a non-profit organisation, empowering members to reach sustainability targets with greater speed, efficiency, and profit as a united effort," the company said.

PPHE said it wanted to develop a net-zero approach throughout the year with external and internal help. Specifically, the forum will offer its knowledge, insights, innovations, and best practices to assist the company in achieving its goal of delivering a "long-term, sustainable model."

PPHE stated that it has lately joined various environmental initiatives, such as the Carbon Negative Meetings cooperation with Radisson Hotel Group, water conservation, and increased recycling.

Chief Corporate & Legal Officer Inbar Zilberman said: "Joining Zero Carbon Forum is another positive step in our commitment to achieving net-zero status. Last year we formed a new ESG committee to help set targets for carbon reduction, launched our Task Force on climate-related financial disclosures reporting for the first time, and made our owned and managed hotels in the UK, Netherlands, and Germany wholly reliant on electricity generated from 100% renewable sources."

Source: Alliance news

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