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Pexpo, the biggest water container producer in India, exhibited its line of sustainable stainless steel water bottles, which are the sole products in their category to hold an ISI certification.

During the unveiling event in New Delhi, the new line of sustainable stainless steel water bottles was presented by Mr. Anup Padia, Director of Pexpo, Mr. Vedant Padia, Director of Pexpo, and Ms. Ameesha Patel, a well-known actress and fitness enthusiast.

In addition to the product launch, Pexpo revealed a new logo and tagline, "health on the go," which demonstrates the company's commitment to eliminating plastic and promoting well-being for everyone. Pexpo's refreshed look, colour scheme, and feel are a reflection of the company's dedication to a better future, representing its potential to become an eco-friendly utility brand.

Pexpo's cutting-edge technology and automation ensure that its products are unparalleled in quality. Pexpo stands out as the sole manufacturer worldwide capable of tri-ply vacuum insulation technology, which employs three layers of metals with vacuum insulation to keep hot and cold liquids at their desired temperatures for extended periods of time compared to traditional double-wall bottles.

During the event, Mr. Vedant Padia highlighted Pexpo's objective of offering a sustainable and eco-friendly water bottle to every Indian, with excellence, customer satisfaction, and perfection serving as its guiding principles. He stated, "Our focus is on promoting environmental sustainability by designing products that do not contaminate or pollute the environment."

The brand's use of food-grade stainless steel ensures that food and water are always in contact with a safe material, avoiding the health risks associated with plastics. Additionally, the widespread acceptance of Pexpo's products confirms the success of Indian manufacturing and the government's "Make in India" initiative. Mr. Vedant Padia proudly remarked, "We can confidently say that India has found its water bottle in Pexpo."

Ms. Ameesha Patel, who presented the products, expressed her joy in partnering with the brand, highlighting the focus on health, sustainability, and eco-friendliness. "I live a healthy lifestyle and advocate for sustainable products. My beliefs align with Pexpo's brand philosophy of a healthy and green future for all. These chic and trendy products are for anyone who values their health and the environment," she stated.

Pexpo's product line boasts trendy designs that cater to every individual, adding to their style quotient regardless of age, while also prioritising safety, health, hygiene, and versatility. They make excellent companions for workplaces, students, daily household use, and outdoor expeditions.

The products are priced between INR 349 and INR 1999 and can be found through a variety of distribution channels, including general and modern trade, e-commerce platforms, D2C, B2B, and police and army canteen networks.

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