Peaches and plums are everywhere after ten years of education support. AAC Technologies won "Model of Public Welfare and Charity"

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AAC Technology won "Model of Public Welfare and Charity." AAC Technologies has long supported educational poverty relief and rural revitalization. AAC Technology Group and affiliates donated 11.88 million yuan to China Children and Teenagers' Fund.

On August 22, the "Zaiyiqi" Guangdong-Hong Kong-Macao Greater Bay Area Social Responsibility Honor Ceremony was held in Shenzhen Radio and Television Group, which was co-sponsored by China Corporate Governance Research Institute, Shenzhen Rural Revitalization Bureau, and other units.

The organizing committee chooses companies that have demonstrated outstanding performance and exemplary effects in the fields of public welfare and charity, rural revitalization, and green development in recent years, and establishes a model of social responsibility in the form of a tribute.

AAC Technologies was awarded the "Model of Public Welfare and Charity" after deliberation by the organizing committee.

"Peaches and plums are everywhere in the mountainous area after ten years of supporting education. AAC Technology has written a beautiful poem to fill the shortage of teachers in rural education," the organizing committee wrote in the comment.

AAC Technologies, the world's leading provider of smart device solutions, is committed to corporate social responsibility and has long been involved in educational poverty alleviation and rural revitalization.

As the director of the "Beautiful China" education support project, Wu Chunyuan, the company's non-executive director, regards charity as a secondary cause, travels to mountainous areas to carry out poverty alleviation and education support, is committed to promoting balanced development of China's education, and cultivating outstanding young talents with a sense of social responsibility and social innovation ability.

AAC Technology Group and its affiliated companies, as well as director Wu Chunyuan, had donated over 11.88 million yuan to the China Children and Teenagers' Fund, the Beijing Lide Future Education Fund, and other institutions as of 2022.

Director Wu Chunyuan and the public welfare organization "Beautiful China" have sent over 2,000 teachers to over 300 schools in Yunnan, Guangdong, Guangxi, Gansu, and Fujian, benefiting over 800,000 students.

Currently, Baise City in Guangxi, Nanning City in Guangxi, Heyuan City in Guangdong Province, and Chaonan District in Shantou are active with young teachers who support education and are supported by Shenzhen counterparts. Carrying out the crucial mission and responsibility of teaching and educating people, as well as establishing morality and cultivating people.

Children are a family's hope and society's future. AAC Technologies will continue to practice corporate social responsibility, be a responsible, responsible, and warm-hearted enterprise, continue to help education poverty alleviation and rural revitalization public welfare undertakings, and strive to "enable all Chinese children, regardless of their origins, to receive the same quality education".

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