Paul & Shark Cuts CO2 Despite Traffic Growth

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In a remarkable stride towards sustainability, the renowned British fashion brand Paul & Shark has ushered in a more environmentally conscious iteration of its online store.

Despite experiencing a substantial 20 per cent increase in website traffic, the brand successfully managed to slash its carbon dioxide equivalent (CO2e) emissions by an impressive 21 per cent, all thanks to their innovative measures.

This digital transformation orchestrated by Paul & Shark is an integral component of their broader sustainability objectives, aligning seamlessly with the brand's overarching global communication strategy to rejuvenate its image.

Termed the "eco view website" initiative, this groundbreaking move is being hailed as a pioneering endeavour within the fashion industry. The initiative commenced with a thorough analysis of emissions stemming from the brand's previous website, followed by a rigorous evaluation performed by Karma Metrix.

The substantial reduction in CO2 equivalent emissions can primarily be attributed to the incorporation of an "eco-view" feature, which not only conserves energy but also optimises the display of webpage content. The brand streamlined its practices for image and video uploads, which traditionally consumed excessive energy and led to sluggish response times. Through this approach, these processes have been fine-tuned and made more efficient.

According to a report titled "Lean ICT: Toward Digital Sobriety" by The Shift Project, internet and digital technology were responsible for a noteworthy 3.7 per cent of greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions in 2018. This figure is comparable to the emissions generated by the global aviation industry, and there are expectations of it doubling by 2025.

Sustainable websites, as outlined in best practices, are powered by renewable energy sources, minimise energy consumption, adhere to ethical principles, provide value, and steer clear of exploitative practices.

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