Ozo Innovations Commits to Net Zero by 2035

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Ozo Innovations has demonstrated its commitment to be net zero by 2035 by joining forces with its new carbon partner, Auditel.

Ozo Innovations is a cleantech start-up that helps customers achieve their sustainability goals by delivering environmental and productivity benefits that enable carbon neutrality through innovative electrochemical solutions.

Meanwhile, Auditel is a carbon footprint consultancy that helps its clients on their journey towards net zero by simplifying the process and reducing carbon emissions and costs at the same time.

Helping customers achieve their sustainability goals

Ozo Innovations’ purpose is to enable its customers to achieve their sustainability goals by reducing water, chemical, and energy consumption while increasing productivity and labour utilisation. The company’s novel electrochemical solutions transform salt and cold water into a powerful cleaning and disinfection solution that drives productivity in food production and processing without compromising on food hygiene.

According to the company, deploying Ozo Innovations’ product, eloclear, improves customer margins by increasing productivity and labour utilisation by up to 60% while reducing water, energy, and chemical consumption by up to 50%.

“The food industry is a major consumer of water and energy as well as a major source of greenhouse gas emissions,” said Ozo Innovations' Dr Mark Poole. “We truly believe we have a solution that can help the food industry—and other industries—become more sustainable and achieve net zero. We can make a positive impact on scope 1 and 2 emissions reduction, and we strongly believe we can impact scope 3 emissions via our disruption of the existing chemical supply chain. The team at Ozo is deeply passionate about this cause, and as a business, our goal is to demonstrate our own commitment by achieving net zero by 2035. We must demonstrate our own credibility to our customers and suppliers, and that is why we are embarking on our own carbon journey, supported by Auditel.”

Mark Appleton, Carbon Auditor at Auditel, added: “It is really exciting to be working with the team at Ozo Innovations. Ozo Innovations has a terrific product range that helps their customers reduce their carbon emissions, and they fully understand the credibility that measuring and reducing their own carbon adds to their customer offer. We look forward to continuing working with the team and their supply chain to help them achieve an industry-recognised standard of carbon neutrality as their first step on the road to achieving net zero by 2035.”

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