OpenX: 2022 Emissions Report, Second Year Net-Zero

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OpenX Technologies, Inc., a renowned omnichannel supply-side platform, proudly announces its consecutive achievement of Net-Zero targets for the second year.

This significant milestone aligns with the release of OpenX's 2022 greenhouse gas (GHG) inventory, conducted by Cameron-Cole, an esteemed third-party environmental consultancy group. Moreover, OpenX has been recertified as CarbonNeutral by Climate Impact Partners, reinforcing their dedication to sustainability.

According to OpenX's 2022 emissions report, the company recorded 1243 tCO2e, which is approximately double the emissions generated in 2021.

The upsurge can be attributed to business expansion, increased travel, and the resumption of in-person events following the Covid-19 pandemic. Despite these emission fluctuations, OpenX maintains its Net-Zero status, achieving a remarkable 95% reduction compared to the base reporting year of 2018, when emissions reporting commenced.

OpenX places great importance on transparent GHG reporting, recognising its role in fostering accountability and trust and establishing meaningful dialogues with employees, partners, clients, governments, and the global community.

The company remains committed to public emissions reporting, aiming to foster an understanding of natural emissions fluctuations over time and encouraging constructive discussions regarding the intersection of business growth and sustainability.

While OpenX celebrates its Net-Zero achievements for the second consecutive year, the company emphasises that transparent emissions measurement and reporting hold greater significance than Net-Zero status alone. By adhering to global standards and maintaining minimal emissions while expanding its business, OpenX believes real change is achieved through transparency, strategy, and processes. The company shares its journey to inspire other industry players to measure and report their emissions, collectively propelling strides towards a sustainable future.

John Gentry, CEO at OpenX, affirms, "Our commitment to transparent emissions measurement and reporting enables us to align with global standards while striving to keep our emissions at the lowest possible levels and fostering business growth. Real change stems from transparency, strategy, and process, and we continue to share our story to encourage every company in our industry to measure and report their emissions. Together, we can make significant strides towards a more sustainable future."

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Source: OpenX


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