OCP Group and India Collaborate to Improve Food Security and Advance Sustainable Agriculture

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As the world leader in soil and plant nutrition solutions and the biggest producer of phosphate, OCP Group is committed to helping the major players in India's fertiliser sector.

The partnership between OCP Group and India aims to carry out joint research and development initiatives, jointly promote innovative fertilisation solutions, and offer tailor-made fertilisers that meet the specific needs of Indian farmers.

This partnership will work closely with the Indian agricultural ecosystem, including the public sector, agronomic institutes, agricultural federations, farmers, etc., to achieve this goal.

In line with this partnership, OCP Group has also signed Memoranda of Understanding (MoUs) with India's largest public and private fertiliser producers. This will allow OCP to supply India with up to 1.7 million metric tonnes (MT) of phosphate fertilisers for the agricultural season over the next twelve months.

The agreements will provide for up to 700,000 MT of Triple Super Phosphate (TSP), which is a phosphate-based fertiliser that has the highest phosphate content found in nitrogen-free granular fertilisers.

The TSP can be tailored to meet the specific needs of plants and soils in India, which is known to be better for soil health and reducing waste. In addition to TSP, the MOUs also call for the delivery of 1,000,000 tonnes of diammonium phosphate (DAP) to Indian farmers.

DAP is a common fertiliser that is used to give plants extra nutrients, especially phosphorous and nitrogen, that they need. This partnership will help Indian farmers have access to more customised fertilisers and thus increase the yield and productivity of their crops.

Mr Soufiyane El Kassi, Chairman and CEO of OCP Nutricrops, the group’s subsidiary dedicated to soil health and plant fertilisation solutions, said: “We are pleased with India’s interest in our customised solution (TSP) that significantly contributes to increasing yields, improving farmers’ incomes and accelerating the implementation of sustainable agricultural practices."

The group recently launched a new Green Investment Strategy to raise fertiliser production and invest in renewable energy over the 2023–2027 period. The goal of the strategy is to use 100% renewable energy by 2027 and be carbon neutral by 2040. A total of $13 billion will be spent on it around the world. Additionally, the plan includes a goal to reach a water desalination capacity of 560 million m3 in 2026 and an increase in the production of green fertilisers.

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