NZMP Launches Dairy Carbon Footprint Tool

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KnowESG_NZMP Launches Dairy Carbon Footprint Tool
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NZMP, Fonterra's ingredients and solutions brand, is making waves in the industry with a new tool—NZMP Carbon Footprinter.

This online calculator allows customers to see the environmental impact of their favourite New Zealand NZMP products.

The NZMP Carbon Footprinter provides not only the latest emissions data for major NZMP products but also forecasts potential reductions by 2030, assuming Fonterra reaches its climate goals.

This initiative aligns with Fonterra's Climate Roadmap, launched last year, which outlines their path to net zero emissions by 2050.

Transparency Builds Stronger Relationships

"We want our customers to understand how our commitment to the environment affects the products they choose," explains Fonterra's Director of Sustainability, Charlotte Rutherford. "This tool strengthens our connections with them, which is key to supporting our farmer-owners."

For years, Fonterra has prioritised sustainability. Their extensive data collection, from manufacturing facilities all the way down to individual farms, is a valuable resource for their customers.

"The NZMP Carbon Footprinter is a perfect example of how we use this data to build stronger relationships," says Rutherford. "Many of our customers include our emissions in their own calculations. This tool gives them clear and reliable information about the environmental impact of our products."

Customers can also request independently verified carbon footprint certificates for specific New Zealand NZMP products issued by Toitū Envirocare, a globally recognised sustainability accreditor.

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