Novata Partners with ERM for ESG Data

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Novata, a data management platform, has partnered with ERM, a global sustainability consultancy, to offer actionable insights to its clients aimed at enhancing their ESG endeavours.

Kushal Mashru, Head of Strategic Partnerships at ERM, stated that their partnership with Novata is reflective of the rising demand for better management and measurement of ESG performance. He further added that ERM is building a network of partners across the sustainability value chain to assist more organisations in leveraging data to achieve their sustainability objectives.

Novata, a public benefit corporation, was established to promote a more sustainable and inclusive form of capitalism. It was created by a group of companies and organisations, including Microsoft, Hamilton Lane, Ford Foundation, S&P Global, Omidyar Network, and over a dozen private equity firms and pension funds. Its core focus is to provide a platform for ESG data management that enables private companies to gather, analyse, benchmark, and report relevant ESG information.

ERM, the world's largest sustainability consultancy, is set to collaborate with Novata, a data management and analytics platform, to provide private companies and their owners with ESG insights.

Novata's high standards of ESG data collection, analysis, and reporting complement ERM's sustainability services, which include strategic transformation and technical delivery capabilities.

Andrew Radcliff, Global Lead for M&A Advisory Services at ERM, emphasised the importance of effective ESG data management and analysis for private market companies and investors. The collaboration aims to help companies achieve independent assurance of their ESG performance, meet increasing regulatory requirements, and unlock commercial opportunities.

Despite the growing number of large businesses committing to net-zero emissions, accurately measuring their emissions remains a challenge, with less than a quarter of organisations well-informed about emissions sources in their supply chain. By working together, ERM CVS, an independent assurance and certification provider within the wider ERM Group, and Novata will enable companies to gather and analyse ESG data to improve the accuracy and reporting of non-financial information.

Scott Kennedy, President and Co-Founder at Novata, believes that Novata's data management platform will play an important role in enabling data collection and analysis in private markets as investor and stakeholder demands for accurate and reliable ESG information increase. Together, ERM CVS and Novata will help clients satisfy transparency requirements by providing high-quality data.

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