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Heinz, a food processing company based in the United States, has launched a new ketchup bottle called 'Ketch Up and Down' that has two ends.

Heinz has launched a new ketchup bottle named 'Ketch Up and Down," which has two lids and can be stored in any manner, making it easier to access the last drops of ketchup.

The concept was created by the Kraft Heinz team after studying consumer preferences, which varied from squeezing to shaking to storing the bottle in different positions.

Passant Ghannam, Head of Marketing for Kraft Heinz MEA, stated that at Heinz, they put the consumer first and rely on insights to fuel innovation and provide consumers with what they desire. She explained that after the success of their upside-down bottle in 2010, they saw an opportunity to solve a common problem among their fans. By introducing the Heinz Ketchup & Down bottle, they aimed to give ketchup lovers more of what they enjoy—the delicious taste of Heinz.

In July 2021, Heinz announced the launch of a new sustainable cap for their squeezy sauce bottles. This cap is made from a recyclable mono-material, which will help avoid sending approximately one billion plastic lids to landfills worldwide each year. This initiative is a significant step forward in Heinz's sustainability goals.

In September 2021, the company collaborated with Westrock to introduce new eco-friendly packaging for their multi-pack canned products range in the UK. This is another step taken by Heinz to achieve its sustainability objectives.

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