Neptune Recyclers: Leading the Way in Waste Management

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KnowESG_Neptune Recyclers: Leading the Way in Waste Management
Image of three waste bins in green, red, and yellow for waste management, each labelled for different types of materials. Credit: Organica Biotech

Neptune Recyclers, Sri Lanka’s most innovative waste management company, is making waves in the waste management industry.

With a remarkable 99.25% waste diversion rate, they have not only become a sustainability leader in Sri Lanka but also achieved a world first: Intertek's prestigious Zero Waste to Landfill certification.

Intertek's programme has three tiers: Zero, Near Zero, and Advanced Waste Diversion. Neptune Recyclers' achievement reflects their commitment to responsible waste management practices, consistently maintained over a three-year period.

Key Highlights

  • First and only waste management company globally to hold Intertek's Zero Waste to Landfill certification.

  • Sri Lanka's leader in waste diversion with a staggering 99.25% rate.

  • Earned international recognition for their environmental excellence, solidifying their position as an industry leader.

The Secret to Success

Neptune Recyclers' success lies in their comprehensive approach. They use verifiable data, vendor assurances, documented processes, and employee training programmes to ensure the highest standards. Their waste management information system meticulously tracks waste streams and guarantees regulatory compliance.

More Than Just Numbers

Neptune Recyclers is not only setting an inspiring standard for businesses worldwide but also leading by example by achieving the top diversion rate and obtaining Intertek's certification.

A Legacy of Innovation

With over 30 years of experience, Neptune Recyclers is a true innovator in Sri Lanka's recycling and waste management sector. As a subsidiary of Expack Corrugated Cartons PLC and a member of the Aberdeen group, their commitment to excellence and environmental responsibility is deeply ingrained. Specialising in fabric and paper recycling, they contribute to the circular economy by transforming waste into valuable resources, promoting a sustainable and responsible waste management experience.

Building a Greener Future

Neptune Recyclers' mission is clear: to create a greener future for Sri Lanka. They see waste not as a burden, but as an opportunity to drive positive change and environmental preservation.

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