Nassau Adopts Responsible Investment Principles

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Nassau Financial Group, L.P. (Nassau) has announced its membership as a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), supported by the United Nations.

The PRI is an international organisation that advocates for the integration of environmental, social, and corporate governance (ESG) factors in investment decision-making.

Phil Gass, Chairman and CEO of Nassau, expressed satisfaction with joining the PRI initiative, emphasising the company's dedication to acting responsibly on ESG issues for the long-term benefit of policyholders, clients, and investors.

David Czerniecki, Chief Investment Officer of Nassau, stated that the PRI principles offer a practical framework for aligning investment strategies with broader societal objectives while fulfilling Nassau's responsibilities to its stakeholders.

The six principles include incorporating ESG issues in investment analysis, being active owners and integrating ESG issues into ownership policies, seeking appropriate disclosure on ESG matters from invested entities, promoting acceptance and implementation of the principles in the investment industry, collaborating with the PRI Secretariat and fellow signatories to enhance effectiveness, and reporting on activities and progress in implementing the principles.

David Atkin, CEO of the Principles for Responsible Investment, welcomed Nassau as a signatory, emphasising the role of responsible investment in managing risk and delivering long-term risk-adjusted returns.

Nassau's asset management business currently oversees $22.1 billion in assets under management (AUM), with $9 billion representing third-party capital managed by the company's investment affiliates, which include Nassau Corporate Credit, Nassau Private Credit, Nassau Alternative Investments, Nassau CorAmerica, Angel Island Capital, and Balance Point Capital Advisors (where Nassau holds non-controlling minority interest).

Joining the PRI represents the latest expansion of Nassau's ESG programme, which aims to deliver added value to various stakeholders by reducing costs, increasing productivity, and optimising investments and assets.

The programme focuses on sustainability, efficiency, credibility, integrity, and a risk-centric approach while considering environmental, social, and governance factors.

Nassau's six ESG priority areas include Risk Management, Investment Management, Climate Change Risk, Cybersecurity, Diversity Equity and Inclusion, and Governance.

For further information on the United Nations-supported PRI, please visit the provided link.

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