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Mirka's Jeppo factory is embarking on an eco-friendly transformation with the introduction of a cutting-edge steam power plant, set to curtail carbon emissions stemming from energy production by a remarkable 5500 tonnes annually.

In tandem with this development, a 2.5 MWp solar power plant will be erected, contributing approximately 2000 MWh of clean electricity to fuel the factory each year.

In alignment with their steadfast commitment to sustainable production practices, Mirka has undertaken substantial efforts to slash carbon dioxide emissions originating from their production facilities by a substantial 56% during the years 2021-2022.

Waste materials are ingeniously repurposed to generate energy, and the neighbouring Adven power plant adjacent to the Mirka factory in Jeppo adeptly harnesses heat and purifies water derived from factory manufacturing processes.

Furthermore, an adjacent reserve power plant operates on three distinct fuel sources: liquefied petroleum gas, biogas, and biomethane, with biogas and biomethane locally produced within Jeppo itself.

The year 2023 marks the inception of a pivotal transition as Mirka and Adven set out to eliminate their reliance on fossil-based LPG.

The much-anticipated Adven 10MW steam power plant, constructed from 2023 to 2024, stands as a beacon of hope, reducing annual carbon emissions from energy production by 5500 tonnes.

Alongside this powerhouse, a 2.5 MWp solar power plant will be erected, generating a bountiful 2000 MWh of electricity annually to power the factory. An intelligent control system will be deployed to oversee and fine-tune energy production methods, ensuring the utilisation of the most cost-effective approach.

Jari Lemberg, the Project Office Manager at Mirka, proudly states, "Since we phased out heavy oil usage at Mirka back in 2012, we've been on an unwavering journey to enhance our energy efficiency and diminish the environmental impact of our manufacturing processes. This new phase will yet again slash our carbon dioxide emissions by a remarkable one-third, compared to the present level."

This ambitious venture will be executed in two distinct phases, with financial backing provided by the Ministry of Economic Affairs and Employment of Finland. The solar power plant is slated to commence operations in the spring of 2024, while the remainder of the power plant project will culminate by year-end, culminating in a remarkable environmental transformation.

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Source: Mirka


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