McDonald's and Costa Coffee Work with Roadchef to Increase Cup Recycling

Published on: 26 July 2022 10:57 AM
by KnowESG

Costa Coffee and McDonald's UK are partnering with Roadchef, an operator of motorway service areas, to co-fund a cup recycling programme at all 30 Roadchef locations in the United Kingdom. It is the most recent initiative undertaken by members of the National Cup Recycling Scheme, which aims to increase takeaway cup recycling in the United Kingdom.

Roadchef reports that its service areas receive more than 50 million visitors annually, presenting a chance to help tackle the problem of collecting and recycling paper takeaway cups on the go and combat roadside trash.

The companies state that they are collaborating to illustrate the effectiveness of partnerships in developing circular solutions for packaging waste. According to the companies, introducing 65 new recycling machines built by Unisan UK demonstrates how simple it is to recycle takeaway cups and encourages customers to do their part.

After enjoying their drinks, motorists may now retain their takeaway cups in their vehicles, secure in the knowledge that they can recycle them at the next stop along their trip.

According to the companies, consumers may use the new devices to separate their cups, lids, and any leftover drinks before sending them for recycling. Cups will subsequently be returned via Costa Coffee locations and processed at specialised facilities, including James Cropper's CupCycling plant, employing FibreBlend Upcycled Technology to create premium paper and packaging.

The collaboration supports Costa Coffee's broader commitment to Net Zero, which the company announced earlier this year, along with a science-based goal to reduce its emissions per cup of coffee by 2030.

McDonald's asserts that the endeavour is a component of its Plan for Change, which was introduced last year. McDonald's UK has committed to being Net Zero in all its restaurants and offices by 2030 and throughout its value chain by 2040.

Head of Technology and Innovation at James Cropper, Richard Burnett, said:

“As a business that has sustainability at its core, creating a second life for valuable resources and materials that are considered challenging to recycle is hugely rewarding for us.

“We’re delighted to be part of Roadchef’s commitment to driving circular solutions that reduce waste, which is very much aligned with our commitment to the war on waste through world-class fibre blend innovation.

“Using our CupCycling expertise, we can transform the paper cups that are used in their service stations into beautiful new papers for stationery and packaging.”

Source: Circular

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