Mastercard Rolls Out Consulting Service Dedicated to ESG, Crypto & Open Banking

Published on: 16 February 2022
by KnowESG
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A Brief Summary

Businesses across the world have to enhance their working style every day when the influx of innovation, changes in consumer preferences, surging digital transformation keep on changing minute by minute. Mastercard, a global payment technology company, announced the expansion of the company's payments-focused consulting service dedicated to Open Banking, Open Data, and Crypto and Digital Currencies.

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Consulting, for a long, has been a significant part of Mastercard's engagement with customers, be it designing multi-rail payments strategies or providing advice on data governance opportunities.

The firm's data & services now have more than 2000 data scientists, engineers and consultants, serving in more than 70 countries worldwide.

“Payments are just the beginning,” says Raj Seshadri, president of Data & Services, Mastercard. “Over the past 20 years, we’ve worked with our customers across banking, fintech, retail, travel and other sectors, helping them understand and navigate every challenge and opportunity thrown their way. This evolution of consulting is in recognition of the changing world and of our changing business. It’s about helping customers navigate today’s challenges and anticipating what’s next.”

Mastercard says the new ESG-focused activity helps its clients understand and respond to customers' rising ESG awareness regarding the products and brands with which they interact.

The firm highlighted and said its Priceless Planet Coalition is a typical example of the services and assets offered to help customers reap outcomes. Priceless Planet helps customers contribute to the target of restoring or planting 100 million trees by 2025.