M&S Expands Paper Coffee Cups, Cuts Plastic Waste

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KnowESG_M&S Expands Paper Coffee Cups, Cuts Plastic Waste
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Marks & Spencer (M&S) is rolling out its innovative, fully recyclable paper fibre coffee cups to all its cafes across the UK.

Launched in October 2023, these cups are a first for major high-street coffee retailers and represent a critical step towards reducing plastic waste. This change is expected to eliminate 20 million plastic units annually from M&S's food business, building on their successful removal of 75 million units in 2023/24.

M&S is committed to offering customers sustainable options. While bringing a reusable cup remains the most eco-friendly choice, these new cups provide a responsible alternative when reusables are not practical. The cups are fully recyclable in both household and on-the-go recycling systems, making them convenient and environmentally friendly.

Customer preferences are at the forefront of M&S's decisions. Recognising their customers' desire for sustainable practices, M&S implemented this change while ensuring no impact on the taste or temperature of their hot drinks. This move further aligns with M&S's "A Cup of Ambition" programme, which supports tea and coffee suppliers and empowers communities through training and investment.

M&S is also enhancing its coffee experience. By increasing the espresso base from 15g to 18g per cup and reducing water usage, M&S is creating a more intense and flavourful coffee. This, coupled with the switch to whole milk as standard, aims to deliver a smoother and more enjoyable coffee experience, aligning with customer expectations of speciality coffee shops.

M&S's commitment to sustainability and customer satisfaction is evident in these changes. They are actively working to reduce their environmental impact while offering delicious and ethically sourced coffee, making them a leader in the high-street coffee market.

Alicia Thompson, Director of Hospitality at M&S Food: “Our goal is to offer customers the most sustainable cup of coffee on the high street. A takeaway coffee they can feel good about drinking because it comes in fully recyclable cups uses delicious 100% Fairtrade coffee beans and is made with RSPCA Assured fresh milk. Our customers care strongly about reducing plastic and they’ve supported our move to paper fibre cups. With no impact to the taste or temperature of their hot drink - and now 100% recyclable - this is one of the ways we’re supporting our customers to make small changes in their everyday lives, which have a big impact on the environment.”

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