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Lighthouse Canton's Asset Management division has declared that it is now a signatory of the Principles for Responsible Investment (PRI), backed by the United Nations.

Over time, Lighthouse Canton's Asset Management business has gained knowledge of alternative investment strategies while integrating responsible methods into investment processes.

BNY Global's research indicates that institutional investors are pursuing alternative investments to achieve greater and uncorrelated returns. Simultaneously, they aim to incorporate ESG criteria into their investment approach, manager selection, or exclusion lists. Nevertheless, they face challenges in obtaining dependable, transparent, comparable, and standardised data and metrics to evaluate performance.

Lighthouse Canton has been integrating ESG considerations into its investment philosophy and frameworks since launching its first fund in 2015. Sanket Sinha, Executive Director and Global Head of Asset Management, sees the UN PRI signatory status as a significant step in formalising and enhancing their existing processes. Lighthouse Canton seeks to contribute to the industry’s efforts to foster good governance, integrity, and accountability, he added.

Lighthouse Canton’s asset management arm offers diversified strategies, including private equity in real estate, direct lending, venture equity and debt, public equities, and global macros, across both public and private markets.

Lighthouse Canton incorporates ESG considerations in its investments and aims for purpose-driven and accretive investments. Its real estate strategy involves building green properties for life sciences research and development in India, while its venture funds support innovative startups in pioneering fields like FinTech and HealthTech. Its short-term debt fund targets sustainable small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), which are the backbone of the Asian economy.

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