LDC's Portfolio: Making Strides in ESG Advancement

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At LDC, the commitment to embedding ESG performance at all levels of the business is unwavering. The company operates with a core belief in championing excellence in ESG throughout its diverse portfolio.

Over the past month, several noteworthy ESG developments have taken place across LDC's portfolio, showcasing their dedication to making a positive impact.

Red Helix: Fostering talent

A prime example is Red Helix, a cyber security managed service provider based in Aylesbury, UK. The company has taken proactive steps to address the cyber skills shortage by establishing the Red Helix Coding Club. This initiative exposes primary school children to the practical applications of STEM, aiming to promote diversity in the sector and enhance social mobility. Read more here.

MSQ and Forest Holidays: Attaining B Corp certification

After an intensive two-year process, the global marketing group MSQ has achieved B Corp certification, underscoring its commitment to being a force for good. The certification applies to the entire MSQ group, which comprises 13 offices and over 1,200 professionals working in creative, insight, technology, and data fields worldwide. Read more here.

Shortly thereafter, Forest Holidays, a portfolio company recently exited by LDC, also obtained B Corp status. This accomplishment highlights Forest Holidays' pioneering business model, which harmoniously balances environmental sustainability, purpose, and profitability. Read more here.

Idwal and Precision Micro: Insight-driven reporting

Idwal, a maritime intelligence and inspection services provider based in Wales, launched a groundbreaking individual vessel-level ESG report for its clients. This innovative report empowers businesses in the maritime industry to make more informed decisions and take significant strides towards responsible business practices, offering enhanced transparency, accountability, and success. Read more here.

Meanwhile, Precision Micro, a Birmingham-based photochemical etching company within LDC's portfolio, published its inaugural ESG impact report. The report celebrates the company's recent environmental accomplishments, including a 45% reduction in total waste, a 98% waste material recycling rate, and a successful transition to sourcing 100% renewable energy. Read more here.

Contributions beyond the portfolio

In addition to supporting ESG initiatives across its portfolio, LDC is increasingly involved in backing local charitable causes throughout the UK. In June, the West Midlands team dedicated a day to clearing woodland at Birmingham Women's and Children's NHS Foundation Trust's Parkview Clinic. The clinic provides vital mental health support for children and adolescents—a cause that holds deep significance for the team.

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