JT in Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index for 9th Year

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Japan Tobacco Inc. is in the Dow Jones Sustainability Asia Pacific Index (DJSI Asia Pacific) for the ninth year in a row. This shows that the company continues to address social and environmental issues throughout its value chain.

With constituents chosen based on the S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment (CSA), the DJSI is a widely recognised environmental, social, and governance (ESG) stock index and sustainability benchmark that tracks the stock performance of the world's top companies in terms of governance and economic, environmental, and social dimensions.

The DJSI Asia Pacific is an index of companies in the Asia-Pacific region. It is reviewed once a year, and its members are chosen from the top 600 companies in the area.

The DJSI uses a broad approach that takes into account the most recent trends and conversations across the ESG spectrum. By taking part in international and credible ESG assessments, the JT Group can objectively evaluate its sustainability measures and disclosure materials.

Hisato Imokawa, Senior Vice President, Chief Sustainability Officer, said:

“We are honoured that this year again, JT has been selected in the DJSI Asia Pacific. We think that being in the index for the ninth year in a row is a sign of how hard we work to deal with ESG issues all along our value chain. We are committed to promoting transparent and accurate disclosure of non-financial information, which has been a vital part of our agenda in recent years, and we recognise that this is an important initiative to promote stakeholder engagement and dialogue."

In the 2022 S&P Global Corporate Sustainability Assessment, the JT Group received an 81/100 score out of 24 total criteria. It got full marks for Materiality, Environmental Reporting, Operational Eco-Efficiency, Social Reporting, and Corporate Citizenship and Philanthropy (based on the score data as of December 10, 2022).

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