Jollibee Group Teams Up with Sustainable Suppliers

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Jollibee Group, a global restaurant chain with a focus on eco-friendly practices, partners with suppliers who share their commitment to responsible sourcing. One such partner is McCain Foods, a Canadian company known for their fries and potato specialities.

McCain Foods: Growing a Sustainable Future

For over 20 years, McCain Foods has been a reliable supplier to Jollibee Group. They are also dedicated to sustainability. Their "Farms of the Future" programme works with 3,500 farmers to develop more sustainable potato farming methods. This includes techniques that use less water and fertiliser, and improve soil health. These efforts help farmers deal with challenges like climate change and food waste.

McCain Foods is so committed to sustainability that they are expanding their "Farms of the Future" programme to three new regions by 2025! This, along with other initiatives, has earned them a high ranking (55th) in the 2023 Food and Agriculture Benchmark. This benchmark measures how companies perform against the UN's Sustainable Development Goals, focusing on key areas in the food system.

Lamb Weston: Sustainable Spuds from Farm to Fork

Another longtime potato supplier for Jollibee Group is Lamb Weston, a global producer with a focus on environmental, social, and economic sustainability. Their "Sustainable Agriculture" programme is a prime example. This programme helps them continuously improve their processes, use the latest technology, and share best practices with their potato growers.

They even test these practices on their own 20,000-acre farm in Washington before sharing them with others. This lets them understand the challenges and opportunities their growers face. Lamb Weston also believes healthy soil is key to a stable climate and long-term productivity, so they invest heavily in soil research and technologies.

By partnering with suppliers like McCain Foods and Lamb Weston, Jollibee Group is working towards a more sustainable food chain, from farm all the way to your plate.

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