IsoMetrix Rolls Out Pioneering ESG Application

Published on: 17 March 2022
by KnowESG

IsoMetrix, a leading risk management software developer, has announced the launch of its state of the art environmental, social and governance (ESG) application, built on the IsoMetrix Lumina platform. The recently introduced ESG management solution will facilitate the organisations to manage and report on their sustainability performance.

Companies worldwide are increasingly facing legislation and regulatory oversight regarding all aspects of their operations as ESG becomes one of the significant talks of the century. The launch of IsoMetrix's new ESG application helps organisations, on a day-to-day basis, collect data, measure progress and report their progress on ESG activities.

IsoMetrix Lumina platform helps organisations meet governance reporting requirements, bring down environmental impacts and promote social factors such as diversity and inclusion. It also identifies operational efficiencies in their businesses that will scale down costs.

IsoMetrix's new ESG application comprises the collection of data directly from people, a powerful calculation engine to measure the carbon footprint, Built-in and maintained ESG reporting standards, the availability of specialised advisory partners to support ESG initiatives, and a powerful analytical layer that allows organisations to interrogate and visualise data.

For almost 20 years, IsoMetrix has worked with corporations on sustainability management. Its market-leading ESG solution enables firms to decide which data must be revealed, then offers the toolset to gather that data, present it for analysis via several dashboards, and package it for reporting purposes.

IsoMetrix Chief Operating Officer (COO), Dr Giles Nelson, said: "We've invested heavily to develop this next generation of software which will see us into the future. Our ESG application represents a sea change in the way corporates and the economy, in general, are going to work. This first application on the IsoMetrix LuminaTM platform will help organizations manage their information better, trace it, make it auditable, and report on it to a higher standard, and we'll only be increasing its capabilities over the next few months. For all our customers, this will mean a faster return on investment and less time needed to see real results. We can’t wait to see our customers receiving the benefits!”