Indus Towers Joins Global Climate Change Fight

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Indus Towers, India's major telecom tower infrastructure provider, has pledged to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, aligning with climate science and the SBTi.

Indus, driven by its ESG vision, has initiated a 'Zero Goal Hai' campaign that highlights how the company and its value chain will work together to achieve goals focused on environmental stewardship, social responsibility, and robust governance, thereby ensuring a sustainable business.

'Zero Goal Hai' is a deliberate wordplay that celebrates 'zero' as a point of pride - zero emissions, harm, waste, bias, and non-compliance. Indus Towers aims to achieve this through sustainable digital infrastructure and services that transform lives.

Indus Towers' Managing Director and CEO, Prachur Sah, stated that their business model promotes value co-creation for all stakeholders, prioritising exemplary governance, community empowerment, and environmental responsibility. The company aims to lead the industry with their ESG commitment, which includes a pledge to achieve net-zero emissions by 2050. Continuous innovation and customer satisfaction guide their efforts towards this goal.

Indus Towers has established medium- to long-term ESG commitments based on stakeholder input and company priorities. The company's environmental pillar aims to achieve net-zero greenhouse gas emissions by 2050, reduce, reuse, and recycle 100% of waste, and increase the proportion of renewable energy. Indus will employ various strategies, such as diesel optimisation, green energy solutions, and energy-efficient infrastructure and processes, to achieve these goals.

Indus, as a socially responsible corporation, remains dedicated to enhancing and supporting communities to positively affect the lives of over 150 million people in the medium to long term. In pursuit of its commitment to being an equal opportunity employer, Indus fosters a diverse and inclusive culture throughout its value chain, striving to achieve 30% gender diversity in the near future. Safety is at the forefront of Indus's business, and it is committed to achieving zero harm in its operations.

Indus is a firm believer that effective governance practices are essential for creating a robust foundation on which thriving enterprises can grow sustainably. To this end, Indus remains committed to maintaining transparency in its disclosure practices and strives to set an industry-leading example in terms of compliance and disclosure.

Through its business, Indus Towers plays an instrumental role in promoting an inclusive India that provides equal opportunities for all. By facilitating communication for millions of people on a daily basis, Indus will continue to offer affordable, high-quality, and dependable services to meet the evolving network connectivity needs of India while also implementing sustainable business practices in its workplaces.

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