Globant Announces Goals to Help Clients Tackle CO2 Emissions

Published on: 22 February 2022 06:35 PM
by KnowESG
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A Brief Summary

Professional services and IT solutions firm Globant recently announced a series of new goals for ESG-focused activities. It includes strategies to help clients eliminate millions of tons of carbon emissions through " digital sobriety".

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Globant introduced Be Kind global ESG strategy in 2020, which brings together programs for its stakeholders and integrates initiatives to deal with climate change, ethics in AI, equity and inclusion and diversity. The program has four significant pillars, including Be Kind to Yourself, Be Kind to your Peers, Be Kind to the Planet and Be Kind to Humanity. 

Patricia Pomies, Chief Operating Officer of Globant, said: “In its first two years, the Be Kind framework – which encompasses our ESG commitments – has been a guiding framework to support our growth. Be Kind is our way of sharing with the world our overall long-term responsibility to uplift our Globes, environment and humankind. These extended commitments push us all to be better and deliver greater results.”

Be Kind initiative has the following goals:

  • Achieve 50% women and non-binary people in management positions by 2025.

  • Curb the misuse of technology through a $10 million investment fund.

  • Achieve carbon neutrality through SBTi-aligned reduction trajectories.

  • Promote wellness at work. 

Several of these commitments got extended after the recent announcement, with new goals to provide coding scholarships to more than 15,000 people by 2025, benefit through an extended wellness plan for 100% of its employees, enhancing its wellness initiative towards physical and emotional health with a mindfulness session. 

Martín Migoya, co-Founder and CEO of Globant, said: “At Globant, we embrace our responsibility to be a force for positive change. We believe in technology as an enabler to seek reinvention and make the world a better place. With the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals as a guiding framework, we now expand our ESG commitments to continue impacting communities.”