Flint Group's PRISM: New Sustainability Framework

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Flint Group, a leading global developer of inks and coatings, has unveiled its sustainability plans through the PRISM framework, aiming to minimise its environmental impact.

The framework includes targets such as circular economy product development, operational impact reduction, and fostering diversity in the workforce. Aligning with the Science Based Targets initiative, Flint Group commits to lowering carbon emissions in line with the 1.5°C scenario of the Paris Agreement.

Matthew Rowland-Jones, Flint Group's Sustainability Officer, emphasised the increasing demand for sustainable packaging solutions amid the growing focus on climate change. He highlighted the significance of vendors supporting printers in achieving sustainability goals through responsibly sourced materials.

The PRISM framework, analogous to a glass prism separating light into colours, simplifies sustainability by focusing on three key elements: Products, People, and the Planet. It aims to integrate sustainability into the business by addressing critical issues affecting the organisation, customers, and stakeholders. This includes designing products for the circular economy, enhancing customer efficiency, and reducing the carbon footprint of core products.

Flint Group's CEO, Steve Dryden, emphasised the company's commitment to making its inks and coatings integral to the packaging circular economy. He highlighted the importance of innovation and reducing environmental impact across products, business operations, and customer practices. Additionally, he stressed the significance of investing in a diverse workforce to support these objectives.

While the targets set within the PRISM framework are ambitious, Flint Group believes that ambitious goals are essential for the industry to make a substantial difference in sustainability.

For further information on Flint Group's sustainability initiatives, please visit their website at https://www.flintgrp.com/en/sustainability.

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Source: Flint Group


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