Ferrero's Cocoa Charter Report & Supplier List

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Ferrero has unveiled its latest Cocoa Charter Progress Report, highlighting significant strides in its commitment to responsible cocoa sourcing.

The Cocoa Charter, structured around four fundamental pillars—sustainable livelihoods, human rights and social practices, environmental stewardship, and supplier transparency—has propelled Ferrero's efforts forward.

A noteworthy accomplishment in the 2021/22 farming season was the personalised coaching extended to approximately 64,000 farmers for farm and business planning. This was supplemented by comprehensive long-term Farm Development Plans for 40,000 farmers.

The report underscores an enduring adherence to rigorous traceability, tracing the cocoa's journey from farm to purchase. In an impressive feat, Ferrero polygon mapped over 182,000 farmers and evaluated 470,000 hectares of agricultural land for deforestation risk, ensuring that no cocoa was sourced from protected areas.

Marco Gonçalves, Chief Procurement and Hazelnut Company Officer at Ferrero commented, “Our vision is to serve as a potent positive force within the cocoa industry, fostering value for all stakeholders. The accomplishments thus far fill us with pride, and our unwavering commitment to responsible sourcing remains resolute.”

In conjunction with the Progress Report, Ferrero has unveiled its annual list of cocoa farmer groups and suppliers, a testament to its unwavering commitment to transparency across its cocoa supply chain. The company's goal is to secure all cocoa from dedicated farmer groups, traced seamlessly down to the farm level.

In the latest crop season (21/22), Ferrero successfully procured around 70% of its cocoa in the form of beans processed in its own facilities and employed in products like Nutella. These beans, known as ‘segregated’, are meticulously traceable, ensuring a seamless connection from farm to factory.

Ferrero maintains enduring relationships with farmer groups through its primary suppliers, further reinforcing its commitment to responsible sourcing.

An impressive 85% of Ferrero's total cocoa volume now originates from the dedicated farmer groups supported under the Cocoa Charter. Notably, 80% of these groups have been integrated into Ferrero's supply chain for over three years, with 15% having partnered for six years or more.

As part of the Cocoa Charter, Ferrero is scaling its cocoa sustainability endeavours with the overarching aim of elevating farmer and community livelihoods, safeguarding children's rights, and preserving the environment.

Comprehensive insights about this initiative can be found in Ferrero's Cocoa Charter, Cocoa Action Plan, and the Ferrero Group Sustainability Report.

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Source: Ferrero


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