Fennel Receives B Corp™ Certification

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ESG & shareholder voting-focused brokerage becomes Certified B Corporation™, highlighting commitment to sustainable and regenerative economy

Fennel, a mobile investing platform that empowers users to invest while easily integrating environmental, social, and governance (ESG) factors, is proud to announce that it has received official B Corp Certification. Through its app, Fennel enables investors to leverage ESG data, to gain insight into the results and impacts of shareholder votes, and to invest in alignment with their vision for the world.

B Corp Certification is provided to companies that have demonstrated exceptional social and environmental performance through a rigorous third-party impact assessment conducted by B Lab™, a global nonprofit organization.

"Becoming a B Corp as a fintech startup is a huge source of pride for us, especially amidst the ongoing debate around ESG in government and finance," said Daniel Naim, CEO and Founder of Fennel. “Being proactive about our impact has already had positive material results for our business. We firmly believe that the lens of sustainability will reshape the way people approach investing, and we want to commend B Lab for elevating the global standard for third-party impact assessments.”

Fennel joins the ranks of other notable companies dedicated to considering the interests of all stakeholders in their business operations: workers, customers, communities, and the environment. “As a still young company, we’re grateful for how this process has pushed us to continually improve our practices,” Naim expanded. “This will hopefully only display our baseline commitment to fostering a more equitable and regenerative society. We’re honored to join this movement and community of like-minded businesses.”

The certification also reflects Fennel's commitment to resiliency and longevity, as recertification is required every three years to prove it can meet the ever-rising standards for social and environmental performance.

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