Farnek-Neutral Fuels Deal to Cut Transport Emissions

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Farnek, a UAE-based smart and green FM company, has partnered with Neutral Fuels to reduce carbon emissions from its transport fleet.

Farnek will switch to Neutral Fuels' B7 blend biodiesel, which saves 6.14% of carbon emissions compared to regular diesel. This is equivalent to planting 350 saplings and growing them for over a decade.

Neutral Fuels is the largest producer of biofuel in the Gulf region. It collects waste cooking oil from local restaurants and kitchens and transforms it into biodiesel. Biodiesel is a clean, green, renewable fuel that can significantly reduce transport carbon emissions without any engine modifications.

This partnership reflects the commitment of both Farnek and Neutral Fuels to sustainable business practices. It promotes the use of biodiesel, a clean-burning and renewable substitute for petroleum diesel. It is also an excellent example of Circular Economy within the UAE, as it reduces environmental impact and enhances energy security.

Farnek will use Neutral Fuels' B7 biofuel in conjunction with its innovative FLEETEK solution. FLEETEK digitalises the entire fleet management process, identifying both fleet and driver productivity in real-time. This helps save fuel, cut carbon emissions, and reduce wear and tear on the fleet.

The partnership also complements Farnek's net-zero roadmap, which aims to reduce the company's transportation emissions by up to 50% by 2031.

This is a great example of how businesses can work together to reduce their carbon footprint and make a positive impact on the environment.

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Source: Farnek


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