EY Introduces Net Zero Center to Guide Companies to Net Zero Transition

Published on: 8 February 2022 10:57 AM
by KnowESG

A Brief Summary

Professional services company EY recently introduced a new Net Zero Center, which supports and guides companies, particularly in Australia and New Zealand, to adopt best ESG practices and achieve the net-zero transition.

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EY stated that it developed the new centre as a result of growing market demand. Studies within the firm indicate that company executives are keen on taking further steps to address the sustainability impact of their businesses. The firm also stated mounting pressure from the investors' side, as they look forward to investing in green sources and moving away from poor ESG performers.

The newly created centre will provide the companies with a wide range of services, starting from gap analysis and scenario planning to strategy planning, execution and market engagement.

Blair Comley, Director and Partner at EY Port Jackson Partners, will lead the Net Zero Center. Before joining EY in 2018, Comley worked as the CEO of several public-sector organisations, including the Secretary of the NSW Department of Premier and Cabinet, where he was in charge of the department's leadership.

Comley said: “Decarbonisation is the innovation opportunity of a lifetime. It will transform our economy and either directly or indirectly impact the future of every company. It will disrupt existing business models, amplifying complexity and uncertainty, while presenting opportunities to unlock economic potential.”

Steve Hatfield-Dodds, former CEO of the Investor Group on Climate Change, and Pip Best, who managed the secretariat of New Zealand's Sustainable Finance Forum, are among the centre's other prominent members. Mathew Neslon, EY's Global Climate Change and Sustainability Services Leader, will also assist the centre.