EV Chargers Expand at Dan Murphy's

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In a remarkable collaboration, Dan Murphy's, a leading retailer in the beverage industry and part of the Endeavour Group, is joining forces with Evie Networks, Australia's largest DC fast-charging electric vehicle (EV) network, to enhance their partnership.

This strategic alliance has seen resounding success, particularly since the installation of fast-charging stations at four Dan Murphy's locations across Australia back in August.

The partnership is now set to soar to new heights with the exciting announcement of a forthcoming site at Dan Murphy's in Broadmeadows, Victoria, scheduled for the end of September. This eagerly anticipated location will boast two high-powered 75kW fast chargers, offering even swifter charging solutions for EV owners.

Agnieszka Pfeiffer-Smith, the Managing Director of Dan Murphy's, is exuberant about the enthusiastic response this initiative has garnered: "We've witnessed remarkable momentum around our existing sites in Batemans Bay, Swansea, Alphington, and Oakleigh. While the journey so far has been truly exhilarating, we're committed to expanding our charging stations over the next 12 months, aligning with our mission to provide eco-friendly solutions for a healthier planet."

The usage data for Dan Murphy's active sites has been nothing short of encouraging, showcasing the various ways in which EV drivers seamlessly incorporate charging into their routines.

Over the past six months, these sites have facilitated nearly 1,500 charging sessions by 650 unique drivers. Evie's charging stations in Batemans Bay and Swansea were particularly popular during Easter and winter school holidays, remaining essential for weekend road trips.

Meanwhile, the inner-city chargers in Oakleigh South and Alphington, though recently launched, have already gained popularity among shoppers looking for a quick top-up and those without off-street parking.

Presently, Evie Networks and Dan Murphy's have four operational sites, all equipped with either 50kW or 75kW fast chargers. The inaugural site, co-funded by ARENA, was launched earlier this year in Swansea, NSW, followed by sites in Batemans Bay, NSW, as well as Alphington and Oakleigh, Victoria.

Geoff Brady, Chief Operations Officer of Evie Networks, expressed his excitement, saying, "Evie is delighted to continue partnering with Dan Murphy's, as we jointly work towards their vision of future-proofing their shopping destinations and offering convenience to customers by allowing them to charge their EVs while shopping."

This partnership transcends the expansion of EV charging infrastructure; it addresses the concerns of "range anxiety" that often deter motorists from transitioning to electric vehicles. Together, Dan Murphy's and Evie Networks are making strides toward a more sustainable and accessible electric future.

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Source: Evie Networks


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