EnergyCAP Buys Wattics, A Global Leader in Energy Management Analytics & Monitoring Software

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by KnowESG
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EnergyCAP, a pioneer in energy and sustainability enterprise resource planning software, announced that it acquired Wattics, an innovative global provider of energy management analytics and monitoring software.

With the built environment accounting for 40% of global carbon emissions, many organisations have set objectives to decarbonise their operations and attain net-zero carbon emissions within the next ten to twenty years. 

However, most do not have a clear plan in place to attain these objectives. Energy and sustainability managers are typically tasked with identifying, tracking, and validating possibilities to reduce carbon emissions and minimise energy-related expenses—sometimes without the assistance of adequate purpose-built technologies.

Wattics identified this challenge in 2011 and has since facilitated hundreds of energy managers, sustainability managers, and energy consultants around the world in identifying, verifying, and delivering energy-and cost-savings opportunities in their organisations, allowing them to make measurable progress toward decarbonisation.

EnergyCAP CEO Tom Patterson said: 

"Our mission is to empower energy and sustainability leaders with actionable data to manage consumption, reduce their carbon footprint, and drive savings.

"Wattics fits perfectly into our product vision by expanding our platform to include the end-to-end, real-time building- and device-level interval data and analytics necessary to improve energy efficiency and accelerate decarbonisation. EnergyCAP and Wattics together become the ideal solution to support and validate the entire customer journey to net-zero.”

For over four decades, EnergyCAP has helped over 10,000 energy and sustainability professionals in the government, education, and commercial sectors streamline energy management, utility bill accounting, and sustainability reporting. Its financial-grade energy data analytics platform and tools position it as the market's top energy and sustainability ERP platform.

For over ten years, Wattics' software and analytics solutions have helped hundreds of energy professionals around the world identify energy and cost-saving opportunities and increase sustainability in their operations. 

Wattics is used by customers to centralise monitoring, discover energy waste and anomalies, provide real-time warnings, produce energy calculations, measure and verify projects, generate energy reports, monitor indoor air quality, and more.

Wattics CEO & Founder Antonio Ruzzelli, said: 

"We are so proud and thrilled to be joining forces with EnergyCAP. It is the coronation of a journey that started in Ireland over ten years ago and now has a global footprint in over fifty-five countries. With EnergyCAP, we have a huge opportunity to dramatically accelerate our mission, allowing companies to mitigate climate change by purposefully managing their carbon footprint.”

Resurgens Managing Director Fred Sturgis said: 

"As we worked to identify growth opportunities for EnergyCAP, Wattics stood out as a platform that will enable the company to drive accelerated growth—integrating its product roadmap, expanding product breadth, and executing cross-selling initiatives.

"Sustainability and energy conservation have become increasingly integral to business operations. We are excited to invest deeper into the space and support EnergyCAP customers as they reduce their carbon footprint.”

Source: EnergyCAP

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