Edme's Ambitious 2045 Net Zero Goal Revealed

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Bakery ingredients supplier Edme has set an ambitious target to achieve net zero emissions across its operations by the year 2045.

The company, located in Essex and owned by Anglia Maltings Holdings (AMH), unveiled this milestone as a central feature of its inaugural Sustainability Report.

The report outlines a strategic approach guided by the UN Sustainable Development Goals and the company's own core values. These values emphasise the need to ensure the business's long-term viability, focusing on three primary areas: environmental stewardship, product innovation, and effective communication and collaboration.

The report also encompasses goals for AMH's other two enterprises: Crisp, a malt producer, and Micronized Food Products, a cereal processor. These goals are detailed, along with the strategies devised to attain them.

Six key objectives have been identified:

  • Achieving Net Zero: The company is currently using 100% certified renewable sources of electricity in its UK facilities. However, efforts are ongoing to further reduce emissions and attain net-zero status by 2045.

  • Farm Partnerships: Edme aims to establish a baseline carbon footprint for its malting barley supply and introduce regenerative agriculture practices to mitigate its environmental impact.

  • Water Usage Optimisation: A comprehensive plan is being developed to implement methods that reduce water consumption, including reusing steep water and implementing sustainable water abstraction management systems.

  • Zero Waste: Edme is working towards eliminating waste and plans to formulate strategies for alternatives to polypropylene. Additionally, the company will implement waste reporting procedures for all materials leaving its sites.

  • Leaders in Innovation: Edme aims to drive corporate innovation through its brewery and bakery innovation centre, foster research and collaboration throughout its supply chain, and assess the climate resilience risks and opportunities associated with raw materials.

  • Community Involvement: The company is dedicated to promoting equality, diversity, and inclusion and is developing plans to enhance health and well-being among its workforce. Furthermore, Edme plans to provide training and development opportunities and establish a strategy for engaging with external communities.

Stuart Sands, the CEO of AMH, who assumed the role last year, acknowledged the progress the company has made but also recognised the work that lies ahead. Sands emphasised the importance of responsible stewardship of the environment and the legacy that is passed down to future generations. He underscored the need for ambitious goals, effective strategies, and collaborative partnerships to achieve meaningful and lasting change.

Sands stated, "We're committed to achieving net zero by 2045 and are actively collaborating with our suppliers and customers to realise this goal. Effective collaboration is the linchpin for leaving a positive legacy for the next generation."

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Source: British Baker


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