Edie Launches Sustainable Business Tracker

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Edie has a new quarterly report series called the Sustainable Business Tracker and Sector Insight, and they're excited to give members an early look at the first report.

Edie wants to share a sneak peek of their first Sustainable Business Tracker Report with findings from a survey of almost 250 business and sustainability leaders in various UK sectors.

Companies, big and small, are feeling the pressure to step up their game on sustainability and net zero. Knowing what other companies are doing in these areas is crucial.

The report tackles some basic questions: What's driving corporate sustainability, and what challenges and opportunities are on the horizon? What climate laws are coming? And how can sustainability and net zero be a competitive advantage?

Edie's new Sustainable Business Tracker & Sector Insight series is meant to answer these questions straightforwardly, helping members make informed decisions on sustainability.

According to the survey, 89% of companies are actively seeking or using investments to support their sustainability and climate efforts. But when asked about the biggest challenge, 20% said it's an internal focus on short-term gains. The report explores more insights like these.

This detailed report also includes a bonus Retail Sector Supplement, focusing on the net-zero goals and sustainability priorities of retail businesses.

Made exclusively for edie Members, these quarterly reports are based on a survey of business leaders, sustainability, and net-zero professionals. Each report includes a sector-based supplement, focusing on the specific drivers, challenges, and opportunities in that industry.

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