EDF and Pod Point Team Up for Smart Charging Pilot

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KnowESG_EDF and Pod Point Team Up for Smart Charging Pilot
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EDF, Britain's biggest producer of zero-carbon electricity, is joining forces with Pod Point, a leading provider of EV charging stations for homes and businesses, on a new Smart Charging pilot programme.

This project aims to fine-tune electric vehicle charging schedules based on predictions of electricity demand for the following day. By encouraging customers to charge their cars during off-peak hours, this programme can help reduce carbon emissions and create a more environmentally friendly energy system.

During the initial six-month trial, some Pod Point customers will be offered incentives to participate. This will allow Pod Point to adjust charging schedules and temporarily pause charging sessions for up to four hours between 4 pm and 8 pm when wholesale energy demand is typically highest.

This partnership is an important step forward in how electric vehicles interact with the energy grid. It will also provide valuable insights into how much flexibility these charging stations can offer.

Stuart Fenner, from EDF's Wholesale Market Services, said: "We are delighted to partner with Pod Point on this Smart Charging pilot, which combines EDF's expertise in energy forecasting and commitment to helping Britain achieve net zero, with Pod Point's innovative charging solutions. Through the optimisation of EV charging, our aim is to help customers save cash and carbon, whilst at the same time, advancing the transition to a greener future.”

Pilgrim Beart, VP of Grid at Pod Point, added: "We’re delighted to gain access to EDF’s powerful flexibility trading capability, and we’re excited to contribute to the innovations in this space as the world of EV flexibility continues to grow and evolve.”

By leveraging data and innovation, EDF remains a leader in delivering sustainable energy solutions that benefit customers and accelerate the shift to lower-carbon and renewable electricity sources.

The results of this initial pilot will be crucial in shaping future offerings for EV drivers. It will help us understand customer behaviour and how EVs can adapt to changes in the energy market. Grouping household charging stations is a key way to unlock flexibility, and this initiative will allow EDF to assess essential processes and data streams on a large scale for EVs.

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