DocGo Publishes Annual ESG Report Highlighting Commitment to Ethical Mobile Healthcare Initiatives

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DocGo, a major provider of last-mile mobile health services, has published its annual Social Impact and Sustainability Report. The report provides an overview of DocGo's success across a variety of Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) programmes.

“DocGo was founded with a mission to serve the public and improve the overall quality of healthcare like no other company has before,” said Stephen Sugrue, DocGo’s Chief Compliance Officer. “We have acted diligently beyond our innovative care model as we build on our fundamentals and take a significant step forward in our sustainability journey of creating a better way of life. I am immensely proud of our ambition and leadership to deliver better results for our people, communities, and environment.”

The report highlights DocGo's efforts to promote social impact, increased diversification, equity, and sustainable climate action, including:

  • Preventing more than 7,600 emergency department visits and hospitalisations for at-risk communities through its mobile health services.

  • Increasing access to health care for NYC's sheltered and unsheltered homeless and asylees.

  • Providing healthcare treatment across over 6,000,000 cumulative patient encounters.

  • Expanding its diversity recruitment efforts to improve on the company’s 60% Team Blue diversity makeup.

  • Diverting more than 15.6 million pounds of CO2 through its fuel-efficient vehicle fleet.

  • Unveiling the nation’s first all-electric ambulance and announcing a targeted full conversion of its fleet to all-electric by 2032.

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