Deepki Enhances ESG Platform with Nooco Acquisition

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Deepki, a world-leading Environmental, Social, and Governance (ESG) platform for real estate, has announced the acquisition of Nooco, a French SaaS company known for its expertise in carbon footprint measurement and optimisation in building projects.

Nooco, a subsidiary of VINCI Energies, has positioned itself as an industry standard in the analysis of carbon emissions in construction and renovation endeavours.

The primary motive behind the acquisition is Deepki’s strategic ambition to provide comprehensive analysis throughout a building’s life cycle. This acquisition will not only expedite Nooco’s development but will also facilitate the recognition of CO2 as a significant industry KPI by considering all potential carbon emission sources.

Deepki offers an ESG platform focused on real estate, aiding companies to improve their environmental impact through data-driven decisions. Nooco, incubated within VINCI Energies for over three years, specialises in carbon footprint assessment for a wide array of construction projects, from new builds to renovations, operations, maintenance, and end-of-life. The company’s reputation is firmly grounded in its ability to rapidly and reliably calculate carbon emissions, a critical skill in light of the new RE2020 regulation aimed at mitigating the climate impact of buildings.

Deepki’s co-founders, Vincent Bryant and Emmanuel Blanchet, voiced their enthusiasm for the acquisition and the capacity for extended industry support. They said, “Nooco is a highly advanced technology company that has become a true benchmark in the construction and renovation industry. Its offer is complementary to ours and will enable us to expand our expertise to better support the real estate industry as a whole – which is responsible for 36% of energy consumption and 37% of greenhouse gas emissions worldwide – in its necessary transition towards zero carbon.”

Nooco’s founder, Guillaume Jarlot, expressed his delight in joining Deepki and his future aspirations for the company. He comments, “The Nooco team is delighted to join Deepki to further develop our offer as a leading platform for the decarbonisation of the entire industry. As part of the Deepki group, Nooco aims to strengthen its position as a trusted partner to the French and, in 2024, European markets.”

Olivier Genelot, managing director of the Île-de-France Building Solutions Division at VINCI Energies, emphasised the continuation of Nooco’s development within Deepki. He said, “We created Nooco to quickly calculate the carbon footprint of different projects. By handing it over to Deepki, we are allowing it to continue its development. We trust them to efficiently evaluate the impact of our decarbonisation initiatives through the use of construction alternatives, low-carbon products, and reuse solutions.”

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